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The world faces up to the year 2020 and of course raising the issue was always a controversial questions about things around without doubt find her answers or conclusive, so that most of what was on them was just impressions and opinions based on speculation and conjecture, for example to question the possibility of bridging the gap between the haves and who can't afford, and increase communication among the peoples of the world and the various sectors and groups and layers within a single society, on the other hand, can Lead to challenge Governments and revolt against the ruling elite? And will the growing trends towards religion to internal conflicts and worldwide? Does it increase or decrease the number of nuclear powers? And can disappear and the conflicts and rivalries between the major powers, to natural resources, especially those that exist in abundance in third world societies? Will technological progress to the Ethical problems? privacy policy 
And so on. But the uncertainty could lead to ambiguity of the attitude towards certain things everyday, and the quality of relations between States, thus making it difficult to take the final and crucial political decisions, but it is just possible scenarios based on the assumptions may be achieved or fail without certainty what strengthens them and makes them inevitable must be achieved on the ground.
Perhaps the best example can be cited in this regard and gives a clear idea of the extent of the uncertainty and the resulting absence of disorder and blurred vision in international relations which raised questions about the rise of China and India would be achieved easily and without hassle? And allow the existing world order now with the emergence of new powers of influential? These are not answered or one opinion as rapporteur and stressing and certainty, but the world is about the position of the disabled which buffeted by all the possibilities that weird to the level of certainty that this situation would be the hallmark of the future.
Indeed much going on now at conferences and seminars on the future revolves around the search for the best ways to avoid negative perceptions, which lacked creative imagination about the kind of future that should live in it, and the kind of values that can be reassuring to them as a constant humanitarian principles must prevail in tomorrow's society, and the humanitarian situation in General about the uncertainty about many of the Affairs of life.
It is noticeable is that most people, even many major organizations and institutions to reflect systematically sound and logical forms forward potential or anticipated, and that there were attempts to draw an outline for what could be the future if succeeded in finding effective means to steer and control the events, even partially. But then the question of the status of the factors and forces that are not subject to the will of human beings, and that new modes of human ماتفاجئ it perfectly, it wasn't going to be any, or contemplating the magnitude of their impact on things like the climate of the planet.
Also, there remains the question of the fate of mankind as a whole, progress in some aspects of science related to the configuration of the physical, biological, psychological, and the impact on life