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1 - Cultural minorities are threatened with disappearance?
Many indigenous groups, particularly in the third world, risk extinction and disappearance of existence as ethnic entities have their distinctive identities, cultures and traditions to creep currents of rampant globalization.
2- Indigenous groups are just a minority living in near isolation, so compose what is closer to the human remnants marginal reserves hardly heard her voice and did not participate in the decisions that must be adhered to, and contribute to the marginalization of technological progress, which requires the availability of material and intellectual potential, not available for those groups most often.
3- It may be difficult to reach a common definition of «minority» due to the multiplicity of types of minorities the multiplicity and diversity of the foundations and principles upon which the different elements that set it apart from the rest of the people in the community who make up the numerical majority, both are political, economic, linguistic, religious or ethnic specific to each her except for.
4- me sociologists and anthropologists contemporaries know «minority» group differ in the composition of the ethnic, religious or linguistic on the rest of the population of the community in which they live, but in some cases may vary their belonging to citizenship of other strange, as is the case in communities where displaced people are living in large numbers of immigrants or political refugees who considered themselves, as the other group thinks different and different and have negative attitudes and trends and behaviour contrary to the prevailing in the society in which they live.
5- Some historians also finds that a minority is mostly a feeling of not belonging to the community or the State in which they live, and they're not they form part of the nation that this State does not reduce the length of stay and they always felt that they are aliens from the community and are treated like strangers with all the associated discrimination in rights and duties
 6-These scholars argue that the primary factor in the composition of these minorities is not small number relative to the total population and is a different language from  the dominant language or official language nor a different religion or dogma espoused by the majority of the population, but the test is whether the sense of belonging, loyalty and a sense of alienation, alienation, and the perception that society differentiates between different groups and deprived of their rights, and even sometimes in questionable loyalty to the State and 
7- The minority is ultimately a feeling and a sense of alienation and rootlessness in all consequent behavior and actions often stem from the failure of Governments to adopt appropriate policies conducive to the integration of such groups into the social and cultural construction of the year.
8- But corresponding, on the other hand, the insistence that groups hold on strongly to their characteristics, values, behaviours and refused to relinquish it, and counter all attempts at change and convergence 
9- Colonial played a big role in third world societies to preserve minorities and encourage them to adhere to the ethnic and linguistic identities and awaken their own x
10 -  with other people makes it difficult to achieve integration into the fabric of society was accused of treason, at least In collusion with others.